iTranscript is a secure, encrypted, and legally admissible electronic solution for court reporters, attorneys, and the judicial court system alike.  It takes the form of an easily readable but highly secure PDF file which requires no additional software to be read or downloaded.  The days of proprietary transcript formats are over and iTranscript is the "first of a kind" solution towards universal acceptance of legal transcripts.  iTranscripts are encrypted, fully secure, and certified with an electronic signature. It bridges the gap between the reporter, attorney, and the court system with an elegant electronic solution.

  • Court reporters enjoy the security of knowing when and where their transcripts are being distributed.  
  • Reporting agencies enjoy the ease of delivery without the added cost of a courier or postage, yet still enjoy full tracking of all transcript deliveries.  
  • Attorneys and Courts appreciate having all their transcripts in one location, accessible 24/7.  

Additionally, all electronic transcripts have the coordinating exhibits bundled into a single electronic file, and the transcript is hyperlinked to the correlating exhibit.  Best of all, attorneys can receive electronic transcripts in the style they prefer, done their way every time.

iTranscript is in development and it is using a highly innovative patented technology.  Stay tuned for a complete listing of features.


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