What should I look for in choosing a IT Employer?

You should look for responsiveness and personal attention to details. The firm must also be able to handle your application in utmost confidentiality. A good employer must have the expertise, integrity and the best available resources for its staff.

How do I sign up with Platinum eSOL?

 Just browse through our online job portal, find the jobs you're interested in, and go ahead and apply!

Will I have flexibility in choosing my assignments?

Yes. You can be very specific about your preferences in terms of locations and other details of your assignment. You will be assigned a personal recruiter who will work with you from submission of your profile to placement at the client site. This is simply customizing the assignment to be as close as possible to your requests.

What are the lengths of the contract I sign?

Most people work for us as W2 full time employees. Some people desire to work in a contract environment and for those most contracts are 3 to 6 months, but can go longer or shorter based on the assignment and project.


 When do I get paid?

Platinum eSOL employees get paid bi-weekly.

May I receive health insurance for my family?

Platinum eSOL offers a comprehensive health insurance plan that includes medical, dental, life, vision discount program and prescription coverage. Platinum has a Basic Coverage Plan with a high deductible, as well as a Premium PPO plan. Platinum pays most of your premiums and the remainder is deducted from your paycheck. Dependent coverage is also available under both of Platinum eSOL's group policies.

What type of accommodations do you have?

Some Platinum eSOL teams enjoy shared accommodation at a beautiful furnished apartment which includes all basic utilities when on an assignment. You may also upgrade to private accommodations for a small surcharge if you wish. Chosen for their excellent neighborhoods, proximity to the client site and amenities, the housing is of the highest caliber available. Whether traveling with a family member, a pet, or if you have a special housing need, we will do our best to provide accommodations to meet your specific request. Our staff will take care of all the details but of course, if you would like to arrange your own accommodations, Platinum eSOL will provide you with a generous housing allowance to make it possible.