About Platinum Enterprise Solutions….

The foundation of our business is in product development and strategic consulting.


We develop software products for key business industries.  Our first product  to market will be iTranscript, a new secure, encrypted and legally admissible, paperless delivery solution for court reporters, attorneys and the US judicial court system in general.  This product, which is in development, uses our unique patented process and technology, and will be the most advanced product of its kind, almost without any relevant competition.

Our strategic consulting expertise is in three cutting-edge yet intersecting areas, namely Data Science & Analytics, DevOps, and Mobile App Development. Our focus is on the ideal set of integrated practices with complementary processes and methods to deliver value to the Digital Enterprise in today’s economy.

Platinum Enterprise Solutions guides our customers through their digital transformations to give them an edge over their competition and to increase revenue from current data.  Our practices focus on emerging technology and are specifically managed to lead our clients on a transformation path using cutting-edge software products, modern delivery methods, and proven project delivery.  From a simple two week experiment to a multi-year transformation, Platinum eSol delivers!




Data Science & Analytics