Mobile App Design & Development

Platinum eSol’s Mobile App Development accommodates a broad spectrum of client needs ranging from consumer-focused apps to game-changing B2B applications.  We focus on simplicity, design and user experience while developing apps for the consumer market we target.   On the enterprise side, we have assisted extending legacy applications and databases to connect to the mobile app. We also incorporate and manage the complexities of multiple data sources and devices (BYOD). Working with the latest technologies, we build futuristic mobile solutions to today’s challenging business problems.

Areas of Specialization:

  • New Field Communication - NFC enables simple secure wireless interaction between devices without pairing
  • Beacons - Small devices that use low energy Bluetooth to interact with mobile phone
  • Gaming - Gaming apps are the most popular mobile applications
  • Reality (Virtual and Augmented) - Creates enhanced versions of the real world incorporating data you want them to have available
  • Audio/Video - Streaming apps make rich media content and podcasts available to mobile users
  • Crowdsourcing - The power of input from large amount of users can create new data available to company and users
  • Security - Security is key for both enterprise reasons but also for your users or customers.  We implement the latest security functions included with Apple’s and Google’s Best Practices.



Mobile app development

Web & Mobile

  • Enterprise Applications
  • eCommerce Apps and shopping carts
  • Catalog Digitization/Tagging
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Native, Hybrid or Web-based
  • AngularJS, Bootstrap
  • API's 

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